#12504 - Original 427 Style Pin Drive Wheels

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Trigo pin drive wheels are one of the most authentic wheel sets on the market today. Made by the legendary supplier and Cobra owner Lynn Parks, the Trigo wheel has an exact design and unmatched quality. The wheels are cast as a single piece, heat treated, and machined. The center section is powder coated in authentic steel grey. Trigo wheels are made in the USA. Lynn is an absolute purist. His wheels have an authenticity, patina and artistry that is not in any other wheel period. FFR President Dave Smith has Trigo pin drive wheels on his own 427FE powered Roadster.

Technical Specifications:
Front Wheel Part Number: N/A
Front Wheel Size (Diameter x width): 15"x7.5"
Front Wheel Backspace: 3.5"
Front Wheel Lug Pattern: 5 lug 4.5" spacing
Front Wheel Applications: Roadster with pin drive front width, Coupe and Spyder with standard front width

Rear Wheel Part Number: N/A
Rear Wheel Size (Diameter x width): 15"x9.5"
Rear Wheel Backspace: 3.5"
Rear Wheel Lug Pattern: 5 lug 4.5" spacing
Rear Wheel Applications: Roadster, Coupe, and Spyder with pin drive IRS

Technical Notes:
Brakes: 11" brakes can be used with these wheels

Recommended Tire Sizes:
Front: 235/60 R15
Rear: 275/50 R15

Weight: (with valve stem)
Front: N/A
Rear: N/A