#13777 - Accelerator Cable

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Along with our efforts to make our kits work more universally with all the different combinations of parts our customers like to use, we offer an accelerator cable with an adaptor that allows you to customize its length. As it sits, the cable will clip directly into a 4.6L engine throttle body. If you’re using a fuel injected 302-351 you just clip off the cast post on the engine side of the cable and attach an adjustable retainer that will attached directly to the throttle body. If you have a carburetor there is also an included ball stud that will bolt on to the carburetor for the retainer to attach to. Another particularly nice feature of this newly designed cable is that the firewall and the throttle bracket mounting portions of the cable are threaded with nut to fasten them securely.

These new cables are standard in all Roadster, Challenge car, and Coupe kits.