#13858 - Official Chassis Serial Number Plate

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Dimensions: 3.70" x 1.905"

Made out of 0.063" stainless steel. The text is etched 0.030" deep.

The badge shown to the left is being included in all new Mk III kits. It is a heavy duty polished and etched stainless steel number plate that is pre-drilled for rivet hole mounting.

Specification: This space is to indicate the kit type. The following nomenclature is used.

Model Specification Recorded as…
FFR Roadster Mk1, Mk2, Mk3, or Mk4 Roadster
FFR Type 65 Coupe Type 65 Coupe
FFR Spyder GT Convertible Spyder GT
FFR Spec Racer model Challenge Series
FFR GTM Supercar GTM

Serial Number: This space is the FFR assigned serial number also found on the serial number space of the certificate of origin. This is the “KIT” serial number and serves to identify the frame, body, and chassis panels of each unique kit.

Year of Manufacture: This space indicates the year the chassis was built by Factory Five Racing, Inc.

VIN: This space is left blank for the customer and/or State regulatory officials to assign a VIN to the newly customer-built vehicle. FFR does not and cannot assign VINs to kits. Many State DMVs will affix their own non-removable badge to the chassis upon assignment of a new VIN. The customer may, at his discretion, record this new VIN in the space provided on the FFR number plate.

Note: Customers who already have a kit may request this badge and it will be provided at a cost of $29.00 plus S/H. This charge includes the cost of the badge, engraving in all fields EXCEPT VIN field, and verification of manufacturing and ownership records.

This number plate is not available to the public, nor can anyone obtain one from us incomplete (unverified). All plates are to be sent engraved with verified information.