#14227 - Ford Style EFI Harness

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We are now offering a complete, simple, stand alone EFI engine harness designed for the mass air fuel injection system in 1989-1993 5.0L Mustangs. This system will also work on 1988 California cars that came from the factory with mass air, or in a system that has been converted from speed density type injection. This system is very simple and is not set up for any emissions equipment. To complete your car's electrical system, purchase one of our chassis harness kits. This harness includes all connectors, directions, corrugated loom, and wire ties.

-Any car using a 5.0L Ford Mustang mass air EFI system

Technical Notes
-Requires the use of all EFI hardware from a 1989-1993 Ford Mustang 5.0L engine. This includes, but is not limited to, distributor, computer, sensors, intake, fuel pump, fuel rails, fuel injectors, mass air meter, all air ducting, throttle body, EGR spacer, and other small hardware.

Click here to download the installation instructions.