#14507 - Front Spindle Set

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These new spindles allow the use of all 94-04 Mustang brake calipers and rotors including all brake packages offered by Factory Five. The Black zinc coating on the spindles ensures a along lasting high quality appearance. The fasteners provided are all perma plated to also ensure a along lasting high quality appearance.

This front spindle set includes:
(2) Two new black zinc coated left and right SN95 style spindles.
(2) Two sealed bearing Hubs.
(2) Two hub nuts.
(2) Two Nut dust covers.
(4) Four IFS bracket flanged head grade 10.9 bolts and flanged nylon lock nuts.
(4) Four brake caliper flanged head grade 10.9 mount bolts.

Note: These are not a Mk4 Roadster two-piece spindle. They are a SN95 spindle.