#14680 - Koni Standard Width IRS Coil-Over Retro-fit Kit

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These coil-over shock kits were custom engineered by Koni in conjunction with FFR engineers through computer modeling, track testing, and use of Koni’s own testing circuit. These efforts resulted in a great balance between street and track driving. A smooth ride is maintained on the street, and the performance numbers on the track are truly impressive. You’ll find that these shocks will give your car a very precise feel in its handling. They are rebound adjustable for those that desire to do some fine tuning of their own. The shock body has a red finish, and the shaft is 0.539” in diameter. The larger size of the damper body requires the use of 2.5”diameter springs, and in the concern for weight and fitment we chose an 8” spring height. With the change in dampening, we also found some ride and handling improvements by additionally changing the spring rates. The IRS coil-over kits include 750lb springs.

Tech Notes:
- Retro-fit coil-over kits work with all FFR Coupe, and Roadster kits using standard width IRS.

Click here to download the installation instructions as a PDF.