#14850 - Mk4 Two-Piece Spindle Set

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This is the same spindle kit that is included in all of our Mk4 Roadster complete kits.  By eliminating the need for the IFS bracket, the upper control arm can now bolt directly to the spindle.  This allows for a drastic improvement in cornering and handling characteristics over stock SN95 or Fox Mustang type spindles.  These spindles are setup for use with SN95 brakes, and use factory SN95 style hubs.  Kit includes spindles, steering arms, and hardware, hubs, hub nuts, and dust covers.

NOTE: Spindles are a direct bolt on for all Mk4 kits, upper control arm requires relocation.  All Mk1-Mk3 kits will require #15414 Front Arm Retrofit Kit and requires welding.