#14867 - 15" Vintage Halibrand Replica Wheels

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Our latest wheel design. This truly authentic 15" 5-lug bolt on wheel incorporates an innovative cosmetic cover and machined knock-off and spinner design. This feature gives an extremely authentic and quality appearance while maintaining the safety of a modern DOT design.
These wheels are cast aluminum, extremely strong, and lightweight. The centers are painted a beautiful metallic grey and the rims are polished. The entire wheel surface is then clear coated to protect the finish from oxidation. This is a one piece wheel designed exclusively for Factory Five Racing. The knock-off adapter, spinner, and cosmetic lug cover are also included. These wheels have backspace that optimizes the depth of the wheel dish while providing adequate clearance for Ford GT calipers and rotors.
Technical Specifications:
Wheel Set Part Number: 14867
Front Wheel Size (Diameter x width): 15"x 8"
Rear Wheel Size (Diameter x width): 15"x 9"
Front Wheel Backspace: 5"
Rear Wheel Backspace: 5.48"
Wheel Lug Pattern: Ford style 5 lug x 4.5" bolt circle
Material: Cast Aluminum
Color: Gun Metal
Weight with adapter, spinner and lug cover:
15"x 8": 17.48 lb 15"x 9": 18.28 lb
FFR Fitment Applications:
Mk 1, 2, 3, and 4 Roadster
65 Coupe
Axle Applications:
1979-1993 width Ford 8.8" solid axle
FFR standard width IRS
Front Brake Fitment: 11" 1999-2002 Mustang GT Calipers and Rotors 11" 87-93 Mustang GT Calipers and Rotors
These will not fit 2003-04 GT Calipers
Rear Brake Fitment:
10.5" Rear disc brake kit
11.65" Rear disc brake kit
Recommended Tire Sizes:
Front: 235/60 R15
Rear: 275/50 R15
This is for a set of four (4) wheels. These wheels are shipped packaged securely and separately in heavy-duty boxes. A shipping charge applies. Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.
Shipping price shown is for continental U.S. orders only. Actual shipping cost for orders outside of the U.S. will be higher. Please call for details on international orders.
Learn more about our wheels with this 2 minute tech video.