#15830 - Vintage Wiper Kit - Type 65 Coupe

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If your state requires you to have wipers to pass inspection, you like to drive in the rain, or you think they just look cool, these are the wipers for you. These are Lucas parts, the same as the original. The motor is a 2 speed unit with an auto park provision. We include all hardware and electrical parts needed for assembly as well as detailed instructions. This kit can be installed in a completed car, but it is easier to install in a car that is being built. This kit can be used on all of our vintage kits.

-Factory Five Coupe, Roadster, Spyder, and Challenge Racer (not class legal, requires a windshield)

Installation notes
- This kit can be installed on a completed car, but it is much easier with the body off. Holes are required in the body and can be drilled on a painted car, but it is better to install these before the car is painted.
- Wiper drive tube and cable must be cut to length.
The unit has a self parking feature and now includes the self parking switch.

Click here to download the installation instructions as a PDF.