#16292 - Roadster Wilwood Pedal Box Assembly

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This is the same Wilwood Pedalbox assembly that we include with a complete kit Mk4 Roadster.  This kit can be used to upgrade/replace your existing Mustang pedalbox in a Mk4 Roadster kit.  The pedalbox features a 3/4" front & 5/8" rear bore master cylinders linked with a balance bar for brake bias adjustment and forged pedals.  A stainless steel reservoir with lines and fittings is included, along with all mounting brackets and hardware.  All parts for a cable clutch system (quadrant, firewall adjuster, cable, hardware) are also included, but the pedalbox could also accept a 3rd master cylinder for use with a hydraulic clutch system if necessary.

Click here to download the installation instructions.

Note: Mk3.1 Roadsters and Mk4 Roadsters built prior to July 2014 will need to modify the firewall to install the cable clutch.