#16563 - Weatherproof Battery Disconnect - 4 Terminal

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Battery disconnect switch with high capacity alternator circuit.

The back side of these switches are completely sealed and weatherproofed with a tough, waterproof polymer coating. Keeps out dirt, dust and moisture that can turn a critical switch into a useless dead end connection, possibly putting you out of a race.

  • Manual battery disconnect switch with a bright red handle
  • Easier to find in an emergency
  • Prevents battery drain
  • Battery circuit (Terminal A) 175 amps continuous rating; 1000 amps peak
  • Alternator circuit (Terminal B) carries 125 amps (for cars with high capacity alternators); 500 amps peak
  • Temp rating: 20° F to 180° F

Stud size:  3/8"

May require drilling a 3/4" hole

(switch only - panel not included)