#26020 - LS 2 Engine Harness and Computer Kit

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Each stand-alone system allows the user to simply plug in the supplied factory-type harness connections into the new computer and start the engine – no recalibration or tuning is required. The controller is based on an O.E. unit and features a custom calibration that oversees the operation of GM’s latest electronic throttle control, EFI and ignition systems for each crate engine family.

Additional features include:

Fully populated O.E.M.-type fuse/relay center, with additional fuse and relay positions for additional electrical system add-ons

A 12-wire bulkhead includes useful outputs for features such as tach signal, vehicle speed signal, oil pressure sensor, malfunction indicator light, etc.; a mating connector is included to allow the outputs to be integrated without cutting into the harness

Cooling fan control

Fuel pump control

Compatible with LS-type alternators

Complete, O.E.M.-type wiring harness

Oxygen sensors

Mass airflow sensors

Fly by wire Accelerator pedal (for electronic throttle applications)


Note: Because the GTM intake is rotated 180 degrees, installation into the GTM will require rerouting of some wires. Follow instructions in the GTM assembly manual for installation of this harness in the GTM.