#26103 - Catalytic Convertor Pipe Heat Shield Kit

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This heat shield kit is designed to reduce the heat produced in the engine bay by the exhaust system.   The Heat shields wrap around the Catalytic convertor pipe using stainless steel straps.   The heat shields have been designed so that they can be installed after the car has been completed.


The heat shields use a combination of aluminized fabric with silica fiberglass and a ceramic blanket material.   Together they are good up to 2300°F and help to reduce the temperatures in engine bay by significant amounts as can be seen in the chart below:


We used our LS7 powered GTM using our new cold air intake kit with the standard FFR exhaust for the testing.   The testing consisted of 18 minutes of highway driving followed by 18 minutes of back road driving at posted speed limits followed by 10 minutes with engine off before taking temperatures.   The outside temperature was 61°F.


The heat shields once installed can hardly be seen so they will not detract from the look of your engine bay.   The heat shields use materials are designed for everyday use and can be cleaned using soap and water.



All FFR GTM Kits using the standard Catalytic Converter pipes.

Click here to download the installation instructions as a PDF.