#34220 - LS Manifolds and Fastners

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These manifolds are designed to work with all GM LS engines (except the LS7 and LS9) and come with all the necessary hardware needed to install into your '33 Hot Rod.

Exhaust manifolds features include:

  • Intended for all GM LS (except LS7 and LS9
  • Silver ceramic coatings for reduced engine compartment temps and improved corrosion resistance
  • 2.50-inch outlet diameter
  • 1.625-inch primary diameter
  • Can be used with OE gaskets and fasteners if desired, for an OE quality seal
  • Cast from Hi-Silicon-Moly Ductile Iron to provide durability and corrosion resistance
  • Free-flowing for good performance
  • Recommended for strong performance on engines making up to 500 horsepower.


  • Dead Soft Layered Aluminum Material, Round Ports
  • Reusable header or exhaust manifold gasket set.
  • Conforms to and seals surface irregularities (warped flanges).
  • Will not shrink, deteriorate, or blow out.

Parts included:
Exhaust manifolds
Head to manifold gaskets
Exhaust manifold bolts