#60506 - Type 65 Coupe GPS Gauge Set - KMH

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These Factory Five Racing gauges are all electric for use with any engine, transmission and ignition system. The large GPS Speedometer and Tach gauges are 3-3/8” in size while the oil pressure, water temperature, fuel level, and volt are 2-5/8” gauges. The gauges have easy to see numbers and lighted pointers (Red) that are visually stunning at night.

All of the gauges use high quality transducers, having no moving parts and are highly accurate. Using advanced circuit board controls in each gauge means improved responsiveness and accuracy vs. mechanical gauges.

The Factory Five Racing Gauges are very compact in design and the tough molded plastic case is only 1.1”deep providing a lot of space behind the dash. The gauges mount to your dash through a locking spin ring.

This gauge set is revolutionary in the way in which the gauges are wired. All of the gauge power wires plug together for a pain free and clean set up. Each gauge has two plugs that plug into the wire harness that is provided.

Trimmed with traditional vintage style bezels, these gauges are available in sets and are made in the USA. They are backed with a lifetime warranty on the Gauges CPU and a five year warranty on all other moving parts.

The electronic reverse GPS speedometer also features an LCD display for speed, trip miles and is fully programmable for easy calibration with any tire size and axle ratio.

The electronic Tach is fully programmable and is able to be used with any ignition type so a “Tach Adapter” is not necessary for the newer coil pack or coil on plug 4.6L/5.0L Coyote engine ignitions.

Technical Specifications

Can be used with all 1987-1993 Mustang parts.

Gauges in the kit include:
- GPS Speedometer
- Tachometer
- Water temp
- Oil pressure
- Fuel level
- Voltage