#80718 - 818 Carbon Fiber Front Splitter

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This splitter is a high quality carbon fiber aero component for your 818S or 818R, sandwich molded by our skilled craftsmen.  The top surface is finished in a clear gel-coat and requires wet sanding & clear coating for a 100 point show finish.


Based on wind tunnel testing, this race-version splitter produces a significant amount of additional downforce at speed, and in order to achieve a safe and effective balance, we highly recommend using it in conjunction with our 26095 Road Race Wing.  If the race-version splitter is used with no additional rear downforce, your car may exhibit a significant oversteer tendency at higher speeds.

Please note, while a rear diffuser does also create rear downforce, its effect is more even along the length of the car and does not sufficiently balance the race-version splitter.